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Information Security Policy

Effective Date: Sept. 15, 2021

1. In order to attain website security and to ensure that services (including the website and the software services provided therein) can be uninterruptedly provided to all internet users, this website has adopted the following security protection measures

  1. Installation of a firewall to restrict the connection of specific communication ports to prevent illegal intrusion, avoid illegal use of the website, and protect the interests of users.
  2. Utilization of a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic and block malicious attacks.
  3. Installation of virus scanning software to provide a safe web browsing environment for users.
  4. Utilization of vulnerability detection software to scan for network system vulnerabilities on an irregular basis and apply reinforcement corrections.
  5. Conducting of penetration tests on an irregular basis, and exercise of system recovery procedures during information security incidents.
  6. Performance of backup operations on a regular basis.
  7. Regular updating of the appropriate patches according to the security maintenance notification of the relevant operating system or application manufacturer.

2. The application offered as part of this service incorporates the following security protection measures

  1. All password data is stored as encrypted text. A password management mechanism and access logs are also used.
  2. An account permission management mechanism is used to differentiate between the permissions available to different users.
  3. The application has been subject to white-box and black-box testing prior to its publication.
  4. To ensure data security, user-uploaded files are encrypted and transmitted using secure protocols.

3. Self-protection Measures

Please guard your password and personal information. Do not disclose your personal information, especially your password, to any unrelated person or institution. Remember to log out and close the application interface after using this service. To prevent others from gaining access to your personal information, we recommend that you avoid sharing your computer with others, and avoid using public computers.

4. Amendments to this policy

In response to rapid technological developments, to ensure compliance with any impending regulatory updates, or to manage unforeseen environmental changes or other factors, it may become necessary to amend this policy to ensure your continuing online safety. Whenever this information security policy is amended, the updated version will be published alongside a reminder that you should click and read it.

5. Questions

If you have any questions about this website’s information security policy, please contact us.