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Privacy Notice

Effective date: Sept. 15, 2021

Dear friends, thank you for visiting the “Quintuple Stimulus Voucher Pre-order & Inquiry Platform” (hereinafter referred to as “this platform”). Your privacy rights will be respected and protected by this platform. In order to help you understand how this platform collects, processes, uses, and protects the personal information you provide, please be sure to read the following information thoroughly:

1. Scope of Use

  1. This privacy notice (hereinafter referred to as this notice) is applicable to the collection, processing, utilization and protection of personal data involved when you use various services on this platform (including the website and the software services provided therein). However, said notice shall not apply to any activity you might initiate by virtue of passing to a different website as a result of a search on this website.
  2. This service is produced and maintained by Trade-Van Information Services commissioned by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the SMEA). The protection of your personal information while browsing other web pages depends on the individual privacy policies of the sites involved.

2. Collection of Personal Information

    • When you apply for online services, we ask for your latest information such as your name, date of birth, identification number, phone number, email address, etc. The period, region, object and method for the collection, processing and use of your personal data by this platform are as follows:
    • Information collector: SMEA of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
    • Purpose of collection: In order to implement the necessary scope of statutory duties to revitalize the industries as stipulated in Article 12, Paragraph 1 of the "Regulations for Business Financial Relief by Ministry of Economic Affairs for Businesses with Operational Difficulties Due to COVID-19", it is planned to use the Internet to process the pre-order, inquiry and other related operations for the issuance of Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers, and collect users' personal data.
    • Period: From the day you start to use this platform, to the day when the service of this platform is terminated, unless it is required by law or regulations that the information needs to be preserved.
    • Region: Subject to the applicable region of this service.
    • Object: Subject to the purpose and necessity of the service you use, personal data may be used, including but not limited to you, your agent, government agency, and the relevant business operators of the website or service, depending on the service.
    • Method: Compliance with the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, and utilization of automated machines or other non-automated methods within the scope of the collection purpose. Unless the law requires or a third party is appointed, the SMEA will not disclose personal data to any third party or use it for purposes other than the collection purpose.
  1. The types of personal data held by this service are published in the personal information protection section on the website of the SMEA in accordance with the law for your inquiries.
  2. This platform will record information such as the IP address of the user's connection to the platform, the time spent on the Internet, and the web pages browsed on the website. These data are used by the government to analyze the total amount of website traffic and network behavior surveys to help improve the quality of the platform. This platform only analyzes the total behavior of all users and does not analyze individual users.
  3. We have an obligation to protect the privacy of each user of this platform. We will not modify or delete any personal information or files without your consent or unless required by the law.

3. Option to provide personal information

When accessing our services, you will be asked to provide the personal information needed to verify your identity. If you refuse to do so, we may be unable to provide the specific service you request.

4. Use of personal information

  1. This service will not provide your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private enterprises except under the following circumstances:
    • To comply with legal processes or enforceable governmental requests.
    • to prevent, detect, and investigate potentially prohibited or illegal activities by official authorities or government organizations.
    • to obtain your consent before sharing any personal information.
  2. As required by law, this service follows the laws and regulations of the Republic of China (Taiwan), as well as the orders, summons and rulings of the courts, so your personal data might be obtained by judicial institutions.
  3. For analysis and research purposes: Should your personal information be needed for statistical analysis or research reports, this service will appropriately de-identify your data (through such means as masking, tokenization, generalization, and K-anonymization) so that you cannot be personally identified.
  4. Extra-bonus Voucher programs held by various Ministries
    • To participate in the Extra-bonus Voucher programs offered by the various ministries, please check “Agree” on the Extra-bonus Voucher program webpage. Once you check “Agree,” an automatic consent is given to the platform for transmitting the information you provide on this platform to the Extra-bonus Vouchers system of the relevant Ministries, respectively, for their collection, processing, and application.
    • Without consent from you to transmit the information you provide on this platform to the Extra-bonus Vouchers system of the relevant Ministries, respectively, for their collection, processing, and application, you will not be able to participate in the promotions associated with the Extra-bonus Vouchers offered by the various Ministries. However, functions and services provided on this platform remain available, regardless. Those who do not submit their consent successfully will be regarded as having not consented.

5. Sharing of personal information

This service will not rent, sell or share your personal information with other individuals or organizations.

6. Access to and correction of personal information

When using our services, you have the right to access and delete your personal information. Before complying with your request, the SMEA will require you to verify your identity as a user or applicant and to specify the information you wish to access, modify or remove. The SMEA may charge you for costs incurred when responding to your enquiry or request to read your personal information, or to obtain a copy of it.

7. Information Accuracy

This service does not use your information for purposes other than those that are set out in this privacy notice or any other service notice before asking for your consent. This service will refer to the information collection, storage and processing practices of other government agencies to ensure we only process relevant and adequate personal information. We will take reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information we process is accurate, complete and up to date; however, this may require you to update or modify your personal information when necessary.

8. Information Security

This service takes appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, or the unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or destruction of, information. Such measures include conducting internal reviews of our information collection, storage and processing practices, and of the implementation of our security measures. Physical security measures have been taken to prevent the unauthorized retrieval and storage of personal information and files retained by us.

9. Self-protection Measures

  1. Please protect your personal information, and avoid disclosing it to any unrelated person or institution. Always remember to log out after using this service. To prevent others from accessing your personal information or email, we suggest avoiding the use of public or shared computers.
  2. You agree to observe all applicable domestic and international laws in your online activity, and bear full responsibility for all actions that occur with your account and password.

10. Cookies

When you use information appliances to access this service via the Internet, please be sure to read the following information on cookies:

  1. Cookies are small data files that a browser writes to its user’s hard drive in order to allow a web server to identify user preferences. Cookies identify the computer you use. You can adjust the privacy settings on your browser; however, if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to access some of our personalized services.
  2. To provide better and more personalized services, and facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, cookies will be placed on your computer when you register or log in. Their status will also be modified accordingly when you log out.

11. Amendments on this Privacy Notice

  1. In response to changes in the environment, regulatory amendments, and technological advancement, this service may adopt the latest technologies and regulations to best protect your privacy and personal information. This service will be regularly reviewed to ascertain if it is in compliance with this policy, which will be amended when necessary to ensure that it is up to date, with announcements being made accordingly.
  2. To ensure your rights and interests are protected, this platform will post details of any changes to this notice that may affect your rights in the latest news section.
  3. The effective date of every version of this notice will be shown at the top right corner. Previous versions will be archived by the SMEA. We encourage you to check this notice often.

12. Questions and Support

If you have any questions about this notice or other privacy management issues, or about how this service uses your personal information, please send an email to our mailbox.